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Student Hostel
The S.N.D.M.A Hostel is a residential hostel for girl-students who are pursuing Education in Colleges or Institutes and are otherwise not employed. Most of these girls come from various parts of the state of West Bengal but there are a few who belong to other states of India. They are welcome to stay in the hostel as long as they need to.

The hostel is situated at a very convenient location which is served by Buses, Auto-Rickshaws and Trains. Accommodation in the hostel is in very high demand for amongst needy students.
The hostel provides the resident students with safety and security, Wholesome Food, clean Kitchen and Toilets amongst other facilities.

Efforts are made to improve their quality of life as they are encouraged to take part in the cultural activities of the S.N.D.M.A. The basic aim is to create a home away from home for the residents. A team of dedicated staff looks after the needs of the resident girls.

Dormitory & Sharing Rooms available at normal rate.