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Sebabroti (Nurse's Aide Training Course)
Saroj Nalini Dutt Memorial Association is running a Nurses' Aide Training Course which is affiliated to St. John's Ambulance. This course is known as the Sebabroti Course.

The Course is for six months. Of this, three months are allotted to theoretical studies while the remaining three are for practical training. The trainee usually receives her practical training at a reputed nursing home in Kolkata.
The Course Comprises:
  • Knowledge of Health and Hygiene
  • First – Aid training
  • Home Nursing
  • Mother and Child Craft (How to take care of mothers and their new born babies)
After the course is completed the trainees have to take and pass an examination after which they are handed the 'St. John's Ambulance Certificate', the 'Sebabroti Certificate' from S.N.D.M.A and the 'Nursing Home Certificate' for practical training.

At the end of the course the trainees are competent enough to offer first aid, employ homenursing skills like handling patients – young, adolescent patients or old. They are fully aware of hygiene and are capable of taking care of mothers and their children. They are also capable
of helping fully fledged nurses in looking after critical patients. At a later stage most of the trainees are absorbed into nursing homes or other similar institutions.

The minimum education is required for enrolling in the course is a pass in a secondary examination like Madhyamik.