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Industrial School
Saroj Nalini Dutt Industrial School was founded by late Gurusaday Dutta in 1925. The main objective of the school is to make women Self Sufficient through Vocational Training. Another reason for setting up this school was to train teachers for the Mahila Samity with an aim to teaching women in rural areas. As the school is situated in close proximity of the Ballygunge Railway Station women from rural areas find it easy to travel by trains to attend classes.
The school runs a two years Diploma Course which includes Tailoring, Drawing, Weaving, Hand and Machine Embroidery, Batik, Block Printing, Tie and Dye, Fabric Painting, Glass Painting and Knitting. In addition the school runs three-month and six-month short courses as well. In these short-duration classes, students can choose their own subjects.

Completing this course helps the girl-students secure jobs as teachers in various schools and NGOs. Some girls start working for the boutiques as well while some start their own businesses. Some of them are also absorbed by S.N.D.M.A for the Production Centre.
S.N.D.M.A has also been able to arrange for stipends for these needy girls. S.N.D.M.A has also organized Concessions on Railway Tickets for these financially weak girls most of whom come from rural areas.

The stipends are met mostly from various endowments, provided by organizations like National Indian Association of Women, Shree Kalyani, Punjabi Ladies Cultural Association and other private sources. To encourage the students S.N.D.M.A organizes Annual Exhibition-cum-Sales during the Anniversary of the Association as well as before the Bengali New Year and Durga Puja.

Apart from the annual exhibitions, the products which are made during the course of the training are channeled through the S.N.D.M.A showroom and sold to generate revenue for the organization. This is true especially for Tailoring, Weaving, Hand and Machine Embroidery, Batik, Block Printing, Tie and Dye and Knitting.