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Family Counseling Center
The Family Counseling Center was started at Saroj Nalini Dutt Memorial Association’s Ballygunge Head Office in Kolkata, West Bengal in 1985. The Center primarily deals with disputes arising in the families particularly between husbands and wives and tries to resolve their differences either through counseling or if all fails, through court proceedings. Both the disputing parties are called for counseling
to the Center and the counselors there try to settle the matter amicably. It often takes several sittings before an agreeable settlement can be arrived at.
When the program was first started, couples used to come mostly from villages in the South 24 – Parganas district of West Bengal. But with the passage of time, couples living in urban areas too started coming to the Center to resolve their disputes.
Initially the Center tries its best to resolve the differences through counseling and arrive at a settlement without referring to the courts. The case is referred to the courts only when it is felt that the case cannot be settled through mediation. The Center has an in-house lawyer who helps the disputing parties in settling their cases without having to pay any fees.